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Family Mediation Costs

There are no fees, costs, commissions or rewards payable to this website should you locate and select one of our listed mediators. This website is supported only by participating mediators.

It is recommended you seek and obtain from you selected mediator on initial contact, an estimate of his/hers professional fees and expenses, and the manner of payment.

In most cases, mediator's fees and expenses are shared or split between the disputants and are payable whatever the outcome of the mediation.

Since mediators' costs are largely a function of time, the quicker pace of mediation often means that mediation costs are less than if the dispute went to a Court for determination.

Mediator's fees and expenses are normally calculated on an hourly or daily basis and may include time spent in preparation, research, perusing documents, or organising accommodation for a meeting.

Each disputant is responsible for their own lawyer's fees.

Agreement to Mediate Precedent.

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If you require the precedent in word document format, contact Michael Twemlow, Solicitor, on (02) 9369 2600.

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