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Why Mediate?

The advantages of mediation over other forms of dispute resolution are overwhelming...


Mediation allows disputants to fully communicate with one another in a constructive and positive environment, controlled by a neutral chairperson

Time Savings

Mediation is a relatively quick process and gives disputants a shorter time frame in which to resolve disputes. Unlike a crowded Court list, mediation meetings are organised in accordance with the times and dates available to the parties and the appointed mediator

Cost Effective

Mediation is a relatively inexpensive process, without ongoing costs such as lawyer's fees. filing fees, court fees, witness expenses, or Counsel's fees.


Mediation meetings are held privately and conducted on a "without prejudice" basis; no newspaper reporting, court reporting, transcription or court records kept


Mediation meetings are conducted without formal protocol or procedures; wider opportunities are available to discover solutions such as on- site meetings, expert opinions and frank discussions

Self Satisfaction

At mediation, only the parties- not their lawyers, bosses, wives or judges- make the decisions

Survival of Relationship

Mediation assists disputants maintain their existing relationship with one another. If a dispute is litigated, more often than not existing relationships are damaged beyond repair.

Mediation Explained

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